Tuesday, 12 June 2012

An IMPORTANT message to ALL AOM artisans from Lorraine...

PLEASE READ this IMPORTANT message to ALL AOM artisans from Lorraine...

Hello All;

As was scheduled, some of us met at the Gallery on Main yesterday. During that time we decided that we would bring in our wares for Thursday evening at the normal time for our meeting, 6:30. We all seem to have lots more ideas and more to say when we are over there rather than sitting in a board room. This way we can conduct the meeting and get things ready for Saturday.
The studio looks so good, thanks to Paula and Maradee. They have really worked hard and deserve a big pat on the back and a thank you. Also, Gaye and Bob have put in so much time trying to organize us...artists in general are not easy to organize! Thank you both Bob and Gaye.
There is still so much to discuss, some things which were touched on yesterday afternoon. And we really need a voice from everyone so if you are going to be in the Studio and/or the Gallery, we want everyone to be there on Thursday; both so you are able to show your goods in the manner of which you desire and to give us some direction to go by.
We need your input...see you on Thursday evening!
Lorraine Vatcher

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